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Dr Gary Waiting for Test Results: How to Get Through… “A client I’ll call Dawn talked to me about waiting for test results. Here’s what she said: “The results are…”
mommyd13 GERD SUPPORT “Hi Everyone, I am a Nursing student in the Buffalo, NY area and was wondering if anyone could tell me…”
rellypoo the devil from down under “Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well, It has been so long sincce I have been on…”
acebass heartburn remedies “Hi, fg! I have a prescription med called Carafate.I get awful heartburn just like you described. Carafate will clear up my…”
Rk7 how to treat chronic kidney disease “I have kidney pain all the time & i had stones !!! I think the Gerd Meds has to do…”

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